Practical Life: Unroll/Roll a Montessori Rug

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“The inward satisfaction of a child, whether as a guest at table or waiter or artist or student, consists in consciously doing what is right according to principles.”                    —Dr. Maria Montessori



a rug



1. Prepare an area of your home to unroll a rug.

2. Invite your child by saying, “I want to give you a lesson on how to unroll a rug.”

3. Sit with the rolled rug horizontal in front of you. I like to sit on my knees for the best control of the lesson. NOTE: the end part of the rolled rug is on the top.

Please see video for complete demonstration.

4. Using both hands start to unravel the rug toward your body.

5. Use both palms to flatten the rug to the bottom of the floor.

6. Next, continue to use the palm of both hands to unravel followed by flattening out of the rug. NOTE: as the rug gets longer in length you may need to stretch your body forward to accommodate for this increase in length.

7. When the rug is fully unrolled I “walk” my hands back to their original position by slowly pressing my palms into the rug.

8. Say to your child, “I have unrolled the rug.”


1. Prepare an area of your home where there is an unrolled rug.

2. Invite your child over to the lesson by saying, “I want to give you a lesson on how to roll a rug.”

3. Sit on your knees with the rug in front of you vertically.

4. Place both hands on the rug each about a quarter of the way from the edge of the rug. NOTE: the right hand is a quarter of the way in from the right and the left hand is a quarter of the way in from the left.

5. Have both thumbs under the rug.

6. Have the other four fingers on the top of the rug.

7. Slowly roll the rug away from your body by turning your wrists away.

8. After a full rotation, use both palms to flatten the bottom of the rug. I start in the middle and work my way out.

9. Repeat steps # 5-8 until the rug is rolled.

10. At the end for a “point of interest” I like to tap each end of rug with my palm to make sure it is flat.

11. Say to your child, “I have rolled the rug.”

Purpose: Direct:  To enable the child to unroll a rug as a preparation for later working with materials on the floor.

Purpose: Indirect:  Coordination of movement, development of muscles, and concentration.

Point of Interest:  Watching to see that the ends of the rug remain flat as it is rolled.

Age:  2 1⁄2 onwards

Personal Note: You may also find my lessons on picking up a rug and setting down a rug useful in conjunction with this lesson.