Practical Life: Sit and Stand from a Chair

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“Before a child reaches the age of three, the highest form of work and the most enabling that engages him is that of arranging furniture and putting things in order, and it is also the one that calls for the greatest activity.” — Dr. Maria Montessori



a chair

Presentation: Sitting

1. Invite your child to do a lesson with you on “sitting in a chair.”

2. Demonstrate to your child how this is done.

3. Slowly walk toward the chair allowing for your right side to be slightly open to the chair.

4. Place your right thumb on the top middle part of the chair.

5. Next, slowly grip the bottom part of chair seat with other four fingers.

6. Show your child how to do the same with the left hand.

7. When both hands are gripped then slowly lower your body to the chair.

8. Slowly settle into the chair by leaning back.

9. Slowly remove your left fingers.

10. Slowly remove your right fingers.

11. Say to your child, “I am now sitting in the chair.”

Presentation: Standing

1. Invite your child by saying, “Remember when we did the ‘sit in the chair lesson’? Today I am going to show you how to stand up from the chair”.

2. Begin in a sitting position on the chair.

3. Take your right thumb and place it on the right top of chair in the middle.

4. Wrap the other four fingers around the bottom of the chair.

5. Take your left thumb and place it on the left top of chair in the middle.

6. Wrap the other four fingers around the bottom of the chair.

7. Use both hands to push off from the chair while leaning forward slightly.

8. Extend both legs into a standing position.

9. Say to your child, “I have stood up from the chair.”

Purpose: Direct

To assist the child in coping with the movements necessary for properly standing and rising from a chair.

Purpose: Indirect

So the child does not hurt himself when sitting by missing the seat of the chair.

Point of Interests

Rotating enough to just see the right side of the chair but as to not fall over from this turning.


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