Practical Life: Pouring Water

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tray with a one-inch border (can be purchased at dollar store)
three transparent cups
glass pitcher
slip mat

Note: the slip mat, sponge, and water should be the same color! This is advice straight
from Maria Montessori, who found that same-color lesson objects are aesthetically
pleasing to the child and will draw him or her to the activity.

1. Draw a line on each cup at three quarters of an inch—this is the fill line.

2. Draw a line on the pitcher of water that roughly correspond to the volume
of liquid that will be placed in the cup.

1. Place the slip mat on the table.

2. Carry the tray full of materials to the table.

3. Place the three plastic cups on the slip mat and leave the other materials on
the tray, arranged for easy pouring.

4. Explain to your child that the sponge will be for wiping up spills.

5. Point out the lines on the cups and on the pitcher.

6. Take the pitcher to the sink and fill it to the fill line.

7. After bringing the pitcher back to the table, use it to slowly fill all three
cups to the fill line.

8. Pour the water from the cups back into the pitcher.

9. Have your child repeat the activity.

10. Have your child empty the pitcher into the sink.

11. Have your child wipe up any spilled water with the sponge.

12. Place all materials on the tray and return the tray to the shelf.

To teach a child how to pour water

Age: 2 ½ to 3 years