Practical Life: Opening a Book

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hard cover book


1. Have a hardcover book placed on a table for your child. Place a chair for your child to sit on behind the table.

2. Invite your child over to the table with hardcover book. Have them stand on your left side.

3. Say, “I want to give you a lesson on how to open a book.”

4. Pull out the chair and sit in the chair as demonstrated in the “Sitting on a Chair Lesson.”

5. Ideally, at this point, your child is standing on your left side next to you.

6. With the book in front of you keep your left hand on your lap.

7. With your right hand thumb slowly lift up the top right corner of the book cover.

8. Then with the remaining fingers, place them under the book cover.

9. Slowly slide your right hand down the inside cover of book until you reach the midline of the book.

10. Now, your palm in under the book and your hand can easily rotate with fingers pointed toward the top of book.

11. Continue to move your palm across the right side of book.

12. Here, I like to add a bit of pressure in my palm so that the crease of the book is pressed down.

13. Say to your child, “We have now opened a book.”

Purpose: Direct

Care of the environment: The child becomes aware of how to be gentle with books and is helped to respect his or her environment.

Purpose: Indirect

Coordination and carefulness in movements.

Points of Interests

Where to place your fingers when you are opening and closing a book.


2 1⁄2 to 3 1⁄2 years old