Practical Life: Lacing Beads

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large beads
string knotted at one end (I like to tape the other end for a reference)

1. Have your child carry the basket to the table.

2. Say to your child, “I will show you how to sting beads.”

3. With your left hand, remove the sting from the basket.

4. With your right hand find the end of the string that is taped.

5. With your left hand, choose a bead from the basket.

6. Use the right hand to push the string through the hole of the bead.

7. After the string has been pushed through the hole, let go of the bead.

8. With the left hand grasp the end of the string and pull the string through the
hole until the bead sits on the knotted end of the string.

9. Now have the child repeat until they have the amount of beads they wish on
the string.

10. Use the left hand to remove the beads one at a time and replace them in the

11. Use the right hand to hold onto the string as each bead is being removed.

12. Replace the string in the basket.

13. Return the basket to the shelf.

Control of error
Knotted end of string
Length of string
Taped end of string
Size of bead hole

Points of interest
Color of beads
Holes of beads
Pattern of beads on string

Development of order, concentration, coordination, and independence

Age: 2 ½ and up