“At Home Montessori”: Personal Brand!

“Miss Shelley” is an Early Childhood Montessori Director obsessed in bridging the gap between the Montessori school day and the child’s home. Miss Shelley is the Founder of “At Home Montessori”; a parent education training/consulting brand specializing in creating an authentic Montessori prepared environment is your home. She lovingly serves as a parental coach and teacher trainer of Montessori education. She proudly holds a Licensed Practical Nurse license, and a Master of Education (M.Ed.) focused on Montessori Teacher Education from St. Catherine University.

Dear Parents,

Welcome to “At Home Montessori.”  I hope you enjoy a glimpse into my personal brand.  It all began in December 2010- the first Winter without my children.  I spend the holiday in a local Starbucks until Christmas Eve.  My 248-page E-Book was written from my heart!  The photos are of our five kids.  The videos were filmed during my first year of teaching in a school I adore.


Miss Shelley